DO YOU REPRESENT AN ORGANIZATION ? You may need the following services:
  • analysis of the existing workflow and of its efficiency in supporting the underlying business needs
  • recommendations on optimizing the workflow
  • bringing the corporate workflow in conformity with national or international standards (GOST, ISO, DoD, other, as required) and with codes of best practices (MoReq, etc.)
  • designing workflow patterns for various types of documents subject to state regulation (incl. HR, accounting, fiscal, etc.)
  • drawing up technical brief for workflow automation
  • advise on the choice of the electronic records management system
  • within the framework of an investment project, setting up the workflow pattern to fit your contractual obligations

PLANNING TO REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS IN RUSSIA ? You may need assistance in setting up a representative office or a branch office in this country:
  • preparation of the set of documents required by the Russian law, including drafting, translation and legalization
  • carrying out necessary procedures with the local authorities on your behalf, if desired
  • working in Moscow and Moscow Region; activity in the province negotiable

ARE YOU A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL ? You may be interested in:
  • inventory of your home library or your family archive 
  • drawing up of its catalogue: hardcopy or electronic, depending on your choice
  • advice in developing your book collection
  • legal translation: all sort of official documents (PoA, contracts, qualifications, medical statements, etc.), help with legalization
  • preparation and submission of official paperwork: from visa application to tax declaration

Looking forward to hear from you !